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Birthstone Jewelry

People have always loved buying birthstone jewelry for themselves or for family and friends, however, modern birthstones only became the norm in the early 18th century. Mythical birthstones were from Tibet. Biblical birthstones are for the 12 tribes of Israel and of course Zodiac birthstones are for the 12 signs of the zodiac.  

Today we mostly follow the modern way. January is Garnet. February is Amethyst. March is Aquamarine. April is Diamond. May is Emerald. June is Pearl. July is Ruby. August is Peridot. September is Sapphire. October is Opal. November is Citrine and December is Blue Topaz.  

Our collection of trendy birthstone jewelry is updated to follow modern trends. Whether you are looking for small birthstone earrings or large carat birthstone rings, Pearlz Ocean will have the perfect piece for you.

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